Los Gigantes

Catamaran Tenerife Los Gigantes – Considered one of the biggest attractions of the island. The cliffs of Los Gigantes make up one of those landscapes that make you feel insignificant.

Catamaran Tenerife Los Gigantes excursiones en barco

Los Gigantes boat trips… wonderful!

Nestled in the municipality of Santiago del Teide, you can see in all its magnificence from Puerto Santiago, one of the most important tourist centers of the South of Tenerife. But to fully appreciate its imposing nature nothing like going to sea on any of our boat trips.

From the sea and standing next to it is the best way to realize its extraordinary beauty, its immense power. Whenever we see them gives us the impression that they are a great tsunami of petrified lava just when it was going to gobble you up.

In addition, the surrounding waters are plagued with natural attractions and the perfect setting to see groups of whales and dolphins, scuba diving and a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. For high fishing lovers few places so suitable: the depth of the waters between Tenerife and La Gomera reaches almost 3000 meters and its the usual home of species like the tuna and the swordfish.

A must visit is the bath on Masca beach.  There the ravine of the same name dies and is where most of our boats anchor.

From Puerto Santiago we offer you several catamaran excursions and sailboat trips, both shared and private. And if you are in Las Americas or Los Cristianos, even being a slightly longer route, there are also several exits that will take you to that area.

In conclusion, If you are on the island, you are resident or on vacation, you cannot miss it. Call us and we will inform you without commitment of the best options for your group. We wait for you in Musibodas!

Catamaran Tenerife Los Gigantes