Radikal Jet

Speedboat Tenerife

Radikal Jet Boat Tenerife. Experience it!

For those who are only satisfied with the most extreme sensations, Musibodas presents you Radikal Jet: the speedboat concept taken to the limit, available in Tenerife South.

We speak of a boat with capacity for up to 11 passengers and the pilot (and what pilot), very light and with a motor of 440 hp, specially designed to change your vision of what is a boat trip. It probably is the closest thing to enjoying a roller coaster on the water.

360 degree turns, impossible skidding, emergency braking, speeds of over 90km/h… An experience not recommended for people who suffer from the heart.

Nothing to add, it is best to live it. A perfect activity to spend a different time, in your bachelor party, your birthday party or just to give yourself the pleasure of enjoying a new experience. Get informed without compromise!

Tenerife Radikal Jet